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IMG_9555I have always loved drawing, especially as a child. I’m sure my obsession with Lisa Frank goods has some sort of influence over my work now but at the time I used to draw a lot of fantasy. When it comes to doodling I usually draw people (mainly females) but when it comes to seriously seeing a piece start to finish, animals seem to interest me more. Their shapes and textures are more appealing than the smoothness of humans I suppose, and for whatever reason I am drawn to them. I never was one for setting my subjects in a defined “space” as my teachers used to inform me, so probably as a subconscious joke to myself I now place that majority of my subjects in actual outer space settings.

My background was mainly in the traditional arts, drawing and painting. It wasn’t until high school that I started messing around with Adobe products. I went to school for graphic design, mainly dabbled in oil and water color paints in the beginning, rushing to finish up a the design program in the end. Somewhere between the two worlds my interests seemed to merge, which is why I credit my somewhat unique style to both watercolor and graphic design.

After graduating in 2013 I took a long break from anything creative. I felt drained and unsure of myself as an “artist”. It wasn’t until a few months ago I made an illustration of my own cat and posted it up on instagram. From there my best friend asked for one of her cat and the trend sort of caught on. I was surprised to find that people appreciated what I was doing and even expressed interest in wanting their own art. It motivated me to work hard and to learn more in order to improve all around. I’d have to say that even if it seems like a small thing, it really did change my outlook on life for the better.  All I want to do it spend time with my loved ones (cat included) and make art.

I have one cat named Sadie who has a big personality of her own and hope to adopt a dog (rottie) in the near future!


What program do you use?  I use Adobe Illustrator CS6. My pieces are all vectors.
What tools do you use? I use a Wacom Intous 3 tablet. In Illustrator I mainly use the pencil and brush tool with different fills, strokes, and gradients.
How long does it take to complete a piece? Depending on the amount of detail as well as how much extra content, a single headshot can take up to 3-7 hours.


4 thoughts on “About/FAQ

  1. Hi, I follow an account on Instagram and stumbled upon your work, your drawings are absolutely stunning, love your colors and textures. If you ever have any free time I would absolutely love it if you could draw my cat, I went throw your animal drawings and they’re absolutely beautiful. Hope to see your work on posters and magazine soon, you are truly talented.


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