Interested in a personalized portrait? Great! If you want to commission a piece please read over the rest of the information to make sure it is something you are truly invested in. There’s a lot of time and energy that goes into creating each and every piece for a unique finished product.


★☆ Pricing and Time ☆★ 

I work on a first come first serve basis. Depending on the amount of detail (items, backgrounds, extra pets, etc) the time may run longer or shorter. Turn around time from accepting the deposit and receiving useable images is usually about a week or two. If there is a large queue, the wait can increase to 3 weeks or so. * * * If there is a certain deadline and you need a rush order please let me know in advance. * * * Rush orders will cost an extra $100 to be prioritized.

Base Line Prices (will depend on amount of detail & items). Included free, basic space background.
SINGLE PET HEAD SHOTS ➣ Starts at $120 and up.
SINGLE PET FULL BODY ➢ Starts at $240 and up
PRINTS ➣ Add $15 To Digital Price

★☆ Things to Consider ☆★

Each pet is unique and has their own personality, which usually comes out on its own when I am working. I spend hours putting down multiple layers and details to create a desired overall look, and it is often tiring (mentally and physically). If you find my prices are too high for you please know that I do this because I love what I do and put a lot of effort into it. I am willing to work within your budget but please note that your own customized artwork the only one of its kind.


★☆ Buying Through Etsy ☆★

If you have an account on Etsy and would like a simple piece, you may message me over Etsy messages. Etsy Store. Has basic options and a set price (if you are looking for a complex piece with lots of specifics and add ons, you will have to paypal the extra cost (please read pricing).

Once you choose your item follow these steps..

  1. Add item to cart
  2. On the checkout page, please post in the ‘notes to seller’ for color schemes you like and or dislike (example: Love pastel cool colors with a hint of pink, Please use sharp and bright neon reds and purple, I dislike the color lime green so please avoid, I’d like a soft and feminine color scheme, etc ).
  3.  Send a good reference photo (or a few) to me by ‘Contacting Seller’. Make sure the photo(s) clearly show markings/features and are not blurry. Please also include an email address to send proofs too.


★☆ Buying Direct Through Email ☆★

You will be asked for a high res or very detailed photo via Email as well as a deposit upfront (USD, paypal). If the photo is not of good quality I can still create an a portrait but might have to tack on some time, as I will have to make up the detail myself.
You will have the option of digital pdfs of head shot, full body or prints of head shot or full body. The prices will differ based on your selection (please read pricing section).
I will also ask that you choose a color palette that you like, or colors that you dislike. If you have no preference, please state so and I will take care of it. Once you have all of this in mind you will email me at We will discuss what the image will entail and I will give you a price. If you are happy with that, you will PayPal either the full amount or a deposit of half (if you feel more comfortable that way) to the same email address.



★☆ Terms and Such ☆★

I require a deposit before starting a piece. This ensures I will not be wasting my time and secures your place in the queue. If you are not satisfied I will work to fix the image until you are satisfied. I do not do returns. I am working hard and spending time on a piece when I could be doing other things, so please understand this before ordering. All of your private information such as emails, names, numbers etc will be kept private. I usually post the pieces as examples on my website and instagram (I will tag your instagram name if you have one).
I will retain ownership over the rights to all artwork. IF YOU WANT TO REPRODUCE THE IMAGE (Bags, prints, stickers, etc etc) PLEASE READ THIS! I do require a payment for the rights to reproduce and will make you sign a contract. The amount can be discussed in private. AS LONG AS you receive confirmation from me and CREDIT me (@Star.Manda.Art or this website) and have the signed contract and have submitted the agreed amount YOU MAY MAKE MERCH. I am fine with you sharing your work on social media platforms as long as you tag me and credit me!